What Is Lead Generation – An Ultimate Guide

What Is Lead Generation – An Ultimate Guide

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First of all, before discussing lead generation, we have to know what exactly Lead is.

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We can say that lead is a one kind of person who shows interest in your service or product. In short, those who are interested in your product or service are the lead. Let us see an example if you take an online survey about how to make a website for business. Then it happens many IT companies which provide website development service contact you in many ways as they call you, text or Whatsapp you their services and quotation. Then you act like a lead for those who are interested in their service. This information collected by those IT companies is stored in their system. Such kinds of leads make their work easy and they don’t have to waste their time calling those who aren’t interested in their service or product.

Lead generation is the main aim of any company. I say quality leads are the base of any industry or company or organization. So to generate quality leads is also that much important for companies. There are many methods to generate quality leads for a company.

Types of Leads

MQL – Marketing Qualified Leads

SQL – Service Qualified Leads

PQL – Product Qualified Leads

MQL – Marketing Qualified Leads

Marketing Qualified Leads are those leads who show interest in your service or product. These leads can sometimes not receive a call from the sales team. Most of the marketing qualified leads are generated by marketing such as by ads whether it is Instagram ads Facebook ads or google ads it doesn’t matter. Such kinds of leads are those leads that contact you just for information or they are thinking about such service or product. Marketing leads can also be generated by various marketing sources.

SQL – Service Qualified Leads

Service Qualified Leads are those leads that indicate to your service team that they are interested in your product and they want to buy a paid subscription to it. The service team do the appropriate action and upgrades their plans so such kinds of leads can continue with the company product. Service qualified leads the first talk to the sales team of the company and then they are convinced to buy the subscription. So there is more chance of service-qualified leads converting into a deal than marketing-qualified leads.

PQL – Product Qualified Leads

Product Qualified leads are those leads who are already using the free version of your product and now want to get more features of the product that are only available in the paid version. I suggest keeping your free version of the product very attractive so that there are more chances for the clients to convert into a deal and buy your subscription pack to unlock more features.

There are many techniques available to generate more leads.

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Pay Per Click Ads
  3. Lead Generating Websites
  4. Industry Reports
  5. Newsletters
  6. Facebook & Instagram Ads
  7. Online Survey
  8. Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in lead generation. You can generate leads by ranking your company’s website also. Keep your website content SEO optimized by picking up trending keywords related to your product. For example, if your product is about CRM software if anyone searches about CRM then your website must have to show them at the top for CRM products. So they can easily reach you for this. SEO is the latest and modern technique to generate quality leads. Leads that come from SEO have an 80% chance to convert into a deal. From a psychological point of view also if you see any website on the top of the search engine result page then 80% of searchers can visit your website.

Pay Per Click Ads

Pay-per-click is also another way to reach more relevant customers and generate quality leads. In this technique, a company has to create an ads campaign on google ads for which they have to pay for that ads. This payment of the ads depends on the clicks of that ad means to pay on a click. You have to pay only for those clicks which came to your website by clicking on ads. This is the modern technique of google related to google ads. Pay-per-click ads also generate validly and quality leads for you because it only targets those keywords which are related to your product. Same as the above example if you search about CRM software then your ad for a CRM product is displayed on the top and you can reach more relevant customers who are interested in your product. Pay-per-click is the most used trick today to generate more quality leads.

Lead Generating Websites

In google’s search engine result page many websites provide lead generation. These websites allow you to generate leads related to your products. They sell the related data to you. So that you can reach more customers related to your products and can convert leads into a deal. Such a website also provides you a lead generation software that can help you to generate more quality leads. This technique can be a little bit costly. Lead Generation Software is useful to your sales team to generate more leads.

Industry Reports

Studying the related industry reports also helps you to create better and quality leads. In this case, you have to research the industry trends and make have to make a report on them. So you can also get an idea of industry trends and at which point the industry is focusing more and getting quality leads. Your sales team has to study the reports very carefully to avoid dead leads. Dead leads can waste your valuable time and also can impact your company’s impression in the market. Generating leads by studying industry reports is the oldest way to generate leads.


Newsletters are normally used to promote your product or service through email. Newsletters are the way to be in touch with your clients. To use this technique you have to add a newsletter section to your email. So whenever any visitor of your website enters their email in the newsletter and subscribes to it then you will get their email address. You can use this email address for the promotion of your website. You can send weekly emails to them which cover the main points of your product, we can also say its promotional emails. The newsletter helps you to make people aware of your product or service. It reminds people at certain times about your products and service.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Advertisement has now become the main source of branding. Generating new leads is also possible in these ads. As you start an ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram then your ad is displayed in the particular industry sector you have selected. It means that your ad is viewing relatable users and gaining quality viewers. Gaining quality viewers can increase the chance of generating new leads and quality leads which can turn into a deal if you put little effort into it.

Online Surveys

Online Surveys can also generate leads. You have to create a survey form in which you can put the fields that are required and make an online survey in your particular sector. This can help to gather the related data. After gathering the data sales team can filter it according to its importance. But this can also be used to generate leads. The online survey is mostly used to collect information.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the main technique used by any company to generate leads and market their products. This process is followed by many professionals. In email marketing, the company has to send emails to their customers about their products. This can remember their customers about any new product launch. Email is the main source in the field of marketing. You can also send emails to other customers to generate new leads.

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In this blog, we have discussed the techniques which can be used for lead generation in many companies. Above mentioned techniques are the modern and most used techniques to generate quality leads. Search engine optimization, pay-per-click, newsletter, lead generation software, websites, etc are the techniques mentioned in the above blog.

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