9 Ways to Successfully Scale Customer Support

9 Ways to Successfully Scale Customer Support

Customer Support: 9 Successful Ways


Like a growing child, growing companies also face problems, like old clothes cannot fit growing age child, old business methods do not fit growing business. In every business, the customer is like a god. Customer support is the most important factor in every business. Business is not possible without any customers. So making the customer satisfied is very important to growing your business. If the customer is not satisfied then they will rate your business negatively. This affects your sales and prevents your business to grow.

There is a line “ First Impression is the Last Impression”. These lines are very true if we see them from a psychological point of view. Take your example like if you visited a store to buy a mobile phone. The salesperson of that store convinced you by introducing lots of features of that mobile phone. Now you bought it and went home. At the time of buying mobile phone store manager gave you 1-year warranty on that mobile phone. If your mobile phone is not working properly after one month of buying.

You called the store manager regarding issues you are facing in your mobile but the store manager is not responding properly, so you visited that store and showed them defects on your mobile but still, you have not got a proper response and the last store manager solved your issues after lots of arguments. In this situation what will you think? Will you go to that store for the second time to buy a mobile phone? Definitely No! Right? So the first impression of that store is fit in your mind. Now if store manager is giving best services to their customers then also you will not go there to buy mobile. Why? Because you have experienced that store and that was a bad experience.

The impression of that store is not good in your mind. You will also recommend others to not buy anything from there. So this is the importance of customer support in every business. If you don’t give a proper response to your customers then they will not come to you again. This makes your impression bad in the market and this leads to a decrease in your sales.

So to grow your business and run it well every businessman must focus on customer support. If your customer is satisfied then you have a chance to grow and stand up in the market. We have looked at examples for a small businesses like stores and shops. But now if we look at big business then this factor holds much importance.

Business owners must take care of customer support and satisfy their customers by not only just providing the best service but also providing their other benefits of services like after-sales service, maintenance, etc. Business owners also have to create a customer support team that can interact with their customers. In small businesses, you get 30-50 leads per day. So this can manage easily but in big business, there are 200-250 leads per day and it is impossible to interact with all of them at a time. So customer support team does this for your business.

Interaction with customers is important to satisfy them even if they do not have any problem or trouble with your service and are happy with you. Time-to-time interaction with them created a good impression among them. This leads to great sales and grows your business. Along with this business owners also have to take care of their customer support team which interacts with their customers. They have to feel relaxed during office hours so that they can solve customer problems in a better way.

Customer Support

Let us see some points which can help you to improve your customer support.

  1. Overview of customer
  2. Available at more place
  3. Manage workloads
  4. Gather all channels in one place
  5. Response time
  6. Stay Polite
  7. Encourage CS team
  8. Feedback
  9. Adopt Technology

1. Overview Of Customer

In large businesses, customer support teams manage their customers. They interact with their customers and take a look at their problems and other issues. So customer support team must have complete information about the customer with whom they are going to interact. So they can solve customers’ problems better and give them the proper solution.

If customer support team members don’t have complete information about the customer then it may mislead them. Results to the problem of the customer are not solved and they can disconnect from your services. So the customer support team has to take an overview of every customer before going to interact with them so they can guide them better.

2. Available at More Place

Every business should have more points to reach for their customer. Customers should have lots of options to reach you. This helps their customers to interact with them. Like business can create their Instagram profile, Facebook page, LinkedIn account, WhatsApp, google, phone calls, etc. This can help their customers to contact business owners and interact with them.

You can list your business on Google (the main source used by anyone to find any business). Other than google you can provide your business phone number to your customers to reach you. Make sure that your customer doesn’t have to suffer to reach you. This can discourage them and directly affects your business growth.

3. Manage Workloads

Taking care of the customer support team is also that much important. From the point of view of psychology mental health of the Customer Support team affects your business. If they feel relaxed then only they can work properly and solve customer’s problems better. To manage their workload company can use the latest software which helps their customer support team to manage workload more easily. There is much software available in the market which handles the customer support process more easily.

4. Gather all the channels in one place

After creating channels at various points customers have the advantage to reach you from many sources. This helps your business to grow more. But now customers can reach you from any source, I mean customers can contact you by phone call, by Whatsapp message, by Instagram direct message all the sources you have pointed your business.

So it is a little hard to manage all these points at a time. So customer support team should use a platform where all these points can manage in a single place. This makes it easy for them to reach the customer in less time.

5. Response time

The normal response time anyone can expect is 6 to 24 hours. Every customer assumes a response within 6 hours and a maximum of 24 hours. If you do not respond to them at this time then it may affect your business. Psychology techniques help a lot to grow your business. Reaching customers as soon as possible helps to satisfy customers easily. For new reach, this can turn into a lead. You can divide your customer support team into parts according to their skills so that they can respond to customers in less time and handle their requests better.

6. Stay Polite

“Politeness is the flower of humanity.” a famous quote said by Joseph Joubert. It means that politeness is like a flower that sprays a beautiful smell into your relations. When you respond to your customers politely then there are more chances to satisfy them. It is not all about just providing good service but maintaining good relations with the customers is also that much important.

Good relationships with customers can improve your retention rate also. It helps customers to come to you even for other services also. It also helps to make a good impression in the market and let people think about your services.

7. Encourage the Customer Support Team

As we have discussed above the mental health of the customer support team. It can be improved by encouraging the team. business owners should always encourage their team for their efforts. This cause another level of happiness among team members. Business owners can also create a one-day event in which they can give awards or certificates to team members which helps to encourage them.

If business owners do not do this then it may cause discouragement among the team. They shall lose interest in their job. And finally, some can also resign from their post just because they don’t feel any interest in their job role and company. So any company should always take care of what their employees feel at the office and about their job roles.

8. Feedback

Taking time-to-time feedback from customers is the main strategy to grow your business. This helps the customer support team to build a strong relationship with customers. The customer support team gets regular updates from the customer. This also makes the customer feel better and trust you. Feedback from the customer also helps the customer support team to understand common problems most customers are suffering.

9. Adopt Technology

Large businesses should adopt the latest technology to grow their business. Because if you want to stand up in this competitive world then you must adopt the latest technology in your business. There is much software are available which can automate your business and reduces employees’ efforts by 50%. this can help to reduce the employee’s mental stress.

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I hope you have understood the importance of customer support and how it affects your business.

We have discussed some main points on how you can scale your customer support. Customer support is the main factor to increase the growth of your business. In small businesses, it is easy to handle customers daily but in large businesses, it is a little difficult to handle those customers because there are large numbers of customers daily. So large businesses have to create a team to handle those customers. If you satisfy your customer then only they will come to you again and refer your services to others also.

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